What We Do

Whether you are deciding to build a new home or renovate an existing building, it is an incredible opportunity to create a beautiful space and home. A home is one of the most important investments we can make and, when designed correctly, it will enhance every aspect of your day to day life. A home can look amazing but it also must function in a practical way to create an enjoyable space that works for the end user whilst maximising natural daylight. In Ireland, the sun does not always shine but when it does we can be pretty sure of the path it will take through our design, hence we can arrange our spaces accordingly whilst linking inside and outsides spaces. Our work revolves around the principle that good design responds to its surroundings & in turn enhances the life of its occupants. We endeavour to create consistently bright, open and inspiring designs helping our clients realise the greatest potential for their space.

Different Stages involved to your Project

Stage 1: Initial Conceptual Design

We develop a brief with the client to include discussion of client’s preferences and desires in regard to accommodation, quality, cost and timeframe. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client and end user requirements.

Analysis of the proposed site, allows us to make an initial appraisal as to the feasibility of the site and allows us establish the best way to integrate a design into your site making best use of natural daylight available on site.

We then prepare a sketch outline design proposal to respond to the requirements the client has set out in their brief, while responding to the site and natural daylight accordingly.

Stage 2: Developed Design

Following on from our initial design consultation with the client, we develop a bespoke design further for the project. As project progresses we provide 3Dimensional Virtual Models so our clients gain a full visualised understanding of our proposals.

Once design is agreed upon and finalised, we organise a consultation with the relevant planning authority to discuss our proposals before any submission is made.  Once this is carried out, we submit the design for planning approval.

At this stage of the project, we provide further advice & agree further on project costs and timescale

Stage 3: Detailed Design

Once planning approval has been received, we begin our work on a detailed design package which includes detailed drawings and specification which are used for competitive pricing. As Certified Passive House Designers and Building Energy Ratings Assessors, each design goes through a process of analysing energy performance on each individual site using accurate simulations of climate conditions which optimise the design solutions. Each decision is based around initial cost versus running cost savings, term of payback and the overall health and energy experienced in the building. All information is then provided to the client in order for them to make an informed decision as to how they want to proceed in terms of specification standards.

Once detailed design drawings are completed, we prepare a list of contractors along with the client for tendering and negotiating purposes. Contractors tender for completing the works based on our very specific design requirements. We consider the proposed tenders alongside the client and help in appointing the chosen contractor to complete the works. Building contract between client and building contractor can be arranged and signed. At this stage all detailed drawings alongside all documentation are submitted to the relevant Building Control Authorities to get approval and certification that they comply with the current Building Regulation Codes & Standards.

Once approval has been received from the Building Control Authority, works can commence on site.

Stage 4: Construction

During construction, we carry out various stages of inspections on the build on your behalf. We advise on stage payments to the contractor throughout the build and provide the relevant certificates for mortgage drawdowns. We will not certify payments unless work complies with our detailed specifications. This ensures that no corners can be cut and you get the quality build that you have spent the time deciding upon during the design process. This will help guarantee that you see results in terms of efficiency which you expect once you move into your dream home.

Without sound advice and the right design expertise which we can provide, it is easy to spend a lot of money and not add any real value to your project.